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Simplify Fundraising. Raise More Funds.

Offer Products Your Audience Will Love!


Let us assist with your fundraising programs so you can raise more funds without having to do more work! Consider creating a fundraising website or web page to streamline your operations. You can either manage the website or webpage yourself or choose our full-service turnkey option where we will handle everything for you.


Our full-service turnkey option will give you access to products your audience would love, help you achieve volume buyer discount (cut your costs), and streamline your order fulfillment process to reduce workload for your staff.


Our turnkey solution includes:


  • A Website for your activity.

  • Accept online payment via credit card or Paypal.

  • Identify the right products you wish to give away or sell during your event.

  • Receive volume buyer discount for your products.

  • Choose from thousands of on-trend products suitable for your event theme and audience.

  • We can also assist you with order fulfillment, packaging and the shipping of your products.


School Fundraising


For school fundraising activities, check out these fun brands below that just might get your young audience excited to participate in your next event. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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