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Easily Control and Distribute Your Branded Collaterals and Products


Our online company store solution is a full service turnkey store for companies looking to streamline the management and distribution of branded materials and products.  Our online store can serve both internal and external purchasing, product distribution and inventory management. This means we can do everything for you.  Our stores help companies consolidate buying, streamline processes, reduce workload and cut costs.  Our solution includes everything you need: we help you design your store, identify and source all products, create product images, write product descriptions, set up the entire backend of the store to accept online payments (credit cards, Paypal) or invoicing and set up the entire backend order fulfillment functions including shipping your products, inventory tracking and transaction reporting for you and your buyers.  We can also warehouse your inventory. Once the store is set up it runs automatically which means less headache and administrative burden for you.


Our turnkey online company store is easy to set up and here is what you can get:


  • We can customize the look and feel of the online company store to match your main website

  • We can link your online company store to your main website so your users can easily find it

  • Integrate all your branded wear & gear products and print materials

  • Incorporate variable data print into your printed collateral (e.g. business cards print on-demand)

  • Get real-time inventory reporting and transaction reporting so you can order only what you need and reduce inventory cost

  • Easily add new products to keep your store on trend and remove products if not popular

  • Bill individual users or branch locations, through account codes or billing identifications

  • Provide permission-based access and product selections

  • Streamline shipping to reduce overall freight cost


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Contact us today to find out how you can set up an online company store.


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