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A Memorable Welcome For New Employees

Everybody likes stuff. Everybody LOVES free stuff. As a new employee, how great does it feel to be handed a bag full of goodies upon arrival?! As the owner or manager of said company, it is a lovely gesture to welcome these people into your organization with a little something special. Give something so that those important folks will immediately feel comfortable, welcome and embraced. Here a few ideas on what items and ideas you can implement into your welcome package.

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Quality Matters You hire based on the quality of a person, how their strengths will ultimately bolster your business and professional goals. Let your welcome package embody that quality as well. While more “stuff” may seem impressive, a select number of items that had thought and time put into the choices, will undoubtedly project those feelings. A high quality messenger bag and journal set can show your appreciation and expectations much better than pens, mugs, ear buds, tshirt’s, etc.

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Get Engaged Food brings people together. Company provided lunch will bring employees together happily! One on one lunch meetings can sometimes feel awkward and stuffy. Collect your whole team and have a group lunch scheduled. Encourage your team members to share a few things about themselves to your newcomer in roundtable fashion. You may even learn a thing or two about your fellow co-workers.

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Show Them They Are Welcomed The average company usually gives about a two-week training period for most positions. However long your trainings last, make sure to review and discuss with your new employee. You can gather critical information on what is working and what’s not. You can assess if your newest team member is ready to fly solo and receive feedback on whether they need further assistance with their job duties. This is also a great opportunity to congratulate and thank them for a great first couple of weeks. A box filled with healthy snacks or other personalized desk accessory will seal the deal in welcoming your newest staff member.

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