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Netflix Wins Loyalty with Flip Flops

Sometimes, the story is in the numbers. The cost of acquiring a new customer is four to 10 times that of retaining an existing client, various studies show. Meanwhile, the median cost of replacing an employee is 21% of the person’s annual salary, according to research from the Center for American Progress, an independent non-partisan institute.

As these figures suggest, it significantly benefits companies to earn the loyalty of customers and employees. Here we shine a spotlight on a successful loyalty program geared towards everyone from employees to clients to volunteers.

3,700 pairs of custom flip-flops produced for Netflix employees, customers, partners Netflix executives were excited. The 2014 June launch of season two of their critically acclaimed original series Orange Is The New Black was nearing. To build buzz and say thank you for a job well done, the execs wanted to provide something special to the show’s cast and crew, Netflix employees and partners connected with the series, including Hollywood movers and shakers.

To conceptualize and create the perfect gift, Netflix’s corporate events director called on their marketing resources partner (MRP). Through collaborative brainstorming with the Netflix team, their MRP came up with a spot-on solution: custom flip-flops. The footwear was a playful take on the fact that the comedic drama’s characters – inmates in a women’s prison – wear flip-flops when they shower. The flip-flops also coordinated with the timing of the show’s premier, being a great gift to get, as recipients did, at the onset of summer. Netflix wanted something that would tie in thematically with the show and be good for the beach. Of course, not just any flip-flop would do, so Netflix's MRP created 100% custom footwear. The mold, color and strap design were unique. Black straps featured a Netflix badge, while the orange soles were imprinted with the show’s name in brand-design lettering, along with “A Netflix Original Series.” The flip-flops delivered in mesh cinch bags – orange for women, black for men. The flip-flops were a hit. “We got a great response,” says Netflix's events director. “Tons of people posted pics about them on social media.” That enthusiasm was exactly the reaction Netflix wanted. “They really value their employees and their partners, and they want to give back to show their appreciation,” he says. “It was a way of saying, ‘We know you work your butts off. Thank you.’”

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