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It's Time to Say Goodbye to Throw Away Straws

Eco Friendly Re-Usable Straws

It is time to say goodbye to throw away plastic straws. They harm the environment and all aquatic sealife. Be part of the solution, by using any reusable straws or these Asobu® Eco Friendly Re-Usable Straws. Each are made of recyclable stainless steel and are equipped with a bendable silicone section giving you 360° degree access to your favourite beverage. The straws and flexible silicone sections tuck neatly into a convenient silicone carry holder. The attached strap makes it convenient to attach it where you need it. Please contact us for bulk-buy pricing and other options.

- Recyclable Steel Straws

- Bendable Silicone middle sections

- Silicone carry holder

- Holder strap for convenience

- Hand Wash

Asobu is a creative drinkwear brand making greener reusable drinkware based in Montreal, Canada.

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